Self-adhesive Polyethylene Foam Production


Polyethylene Foam has many uses:

  • Under the sheet metal housing of the plasterboard walls, it allows the perfect fitting of the panels to the floor, favouring sound insulation as well. In the case of use of biadhesive tape, it performs anchorage to the floor, partially eliminating fixing screws and, therefore, with fewer problems in the presence of ground plant engineering.
  • Under the entire floor, to contain the water flow in case of accidental leakages, allowing, in the event of natural or artificial wood flooring, its micro-oscillation when stepped on. It also allows the sound insulation within the limits allowed by recent regulations.
  • The closed cell structure enables the pipe insulation in air conditioning systems, eliminating dripping.
  • Coupled with aluminium foils and placed behind radiators, it favours thermal insulation.
  • In caravans and campers, applied in one or more layers, it improves the thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Applied beneath the base of furniture resting on the ground, it prevents the passage of dust and hiding of mites.
  • It is used in the back of wall furniture to prevent it from getting drenched.
  • Cut into small pieces, it is placed between the various components of furniture (glass, iron, metal) so as to allow its isolation during transport.
  • On request we can produce a similar product with higher density to be applied under chairs, tables, etc. in order to dampen noise.



Polyethylene Foam colour Anthracite


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