Ethics, transparency and the real contribution to the business success of our Customers are the essential values for us. Our commitment is focused on supplying high quality standard products and striving to improve our performance constantly.

Towards our Customers:

Ensuring their satisfaction through the culture of Quality
Establishing and keeping a steady partnership
Offering high standard services/products to satisfy implicit requirements also

Towards our Suppliers:

Teaming up together with qualified partners, setting competitive and trustworthy joint-work
Requiring from them a high quality standards to convey the benefit to our Customers.

Towards the enviroment:

We decided that our company evolution wouldn’t have been in progress without embracing a responsible environmental policy. Today we work actively to respect the nature equilibrium and its resources. We have understood that without a conscientious exploitation, future will not exist. It is our duty to create conditions for the regeneration of environmental sources. Our products reflect this commitment.

Pasqui Srl includes the following Quality Certifications: