Self-adhesive and double-sided adhesive PVC Film Production


PVC: one of the most widespread and widely used plastics worldwide in thousands of applications, ranging from building, packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries, medical-surgical aids and civil protection materials to fashion and design.

Thanks to the use of plasticizers and stabilizers, PVC can be processed into rigid or flexible manufactured articles, thus allowing a very wide range of applications.

PVC is impervious to liquids, gases and vapours. This feature makes it particularly suitable for packaging of foodstuff and medicines. PVC is stable and inert. This property is especially important for all uses where hygiene is a priority, such as in the medical field, where flexible PVC films are approved by the European Pharmacopoeia for blood bags, transfusion kits and surgical gloves.

PVC products are exceptionally durable, with a useful life varying between 15 and 100 years, in applications such as electrical cables, water conveyance pipes to and window profiles.

PVC is a rigid material in itself, suitable to withstand compressive loads and with good properties of wear, chemical and fire resistance. Rigid PVC is used to produce films, sheets, plates, pipes and profiles, through the use of extrusion or calendering technologies. These rigid products are used in industrial sectors ranging from building to transport, from packaging to interior design.

When containing added plasticizers, it becomes flexible, and in this form it is used in the sector of electrical wiring and telecommunications, flooring and wall coverings, automotive industry, footwear and specialized medical products.



Soft adhesive PVC

Transparent hard adhesive PVC

Metallised adhesive PVC

Scratched adhesive PVC

Double-sided adhesive with PVC core


80 – 180 – 280






Non-Adhesive PVC in rolls

Non-Adhesive PVC in sheets

Non-Adhesive PVC format 70×100 cm

80 – 90 – 180 – 280





Electrostatic transparent PVC

150 – 250


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