Continuous Forms


Customised continuous forms for one to one direct marketing, with badges included, self mailers, pads for fiscal use, customised and neutral pocket business envelopes.

We produce customised continuous forms, offering a wide range of innovative options. We want to extend our cooperation to users. We contribute actively to solving their problems using forms that act as both an informative support and a management tool.

  • Continuous form printouts
  • Self mailers
  • Mailers
  • Detachable duplicates
  • Integrated self-adhesive labels, visiting cards, cards
  • Pads for fiscal use
  • Customised and neutral pocket business envelopes
  • Shockproof padded envelopes

We produce intelligent forms. We incorporate self-adhesive labels, reply cards, identification cards, windows, envelopes, etc. into the forms.

  • Self-adhesive labels integrated into the form
  • Self-adhesive advertising labels
  • Self mailers
  • Mailers
  • Continuous envelopes
  • Plastic paper Application – Bonding
  • Paper plastic Gumming – Die-cutting
  • Detachable duplicates

Our production continues with:

Customised forms: Invoices, delivery notes, cash orders, pay slips, bank statements, postcards and letters.
Standard forms: Self-adhesive labels, flat and continuous form. Continuous official stamped paper. Continuous forms with 80 or 132 columns, white or grey or light blue for easy reading. Height 11”, 12”, 11” 4/6 A4.
Flat printing: Posters, flyers, catalogues, placards, business and administrative forms.
Customisation and postal forwarding services: We customise any form if you provide us with your details on disc, CD etc. We handle the mailing.
Projects: Graphics and communication


Integration of plastic paper

We believe we are at the forefront as regards the application and gluing of plastic paper, thin paper and embossed credit cards.
We produce a high quality low cost credit card, easy to customize.
Some typical applications of these forms are:

  • ID cards
  • Club membership cards, passes to sporting events etc.
  • Cultural events, concerts

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