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"If there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be, the only way to bridge the gap is to come up with something INNOVATIVE"


incredibly multitasking company: 5 business units whose technical  productive processes cover  either the engineering and production phases of raw materials for special applications or following phases of converting and printing so that Pasqui is an almost limitless source of products and services in the Converting Industry.

Coating, Converting
& Printing Company

All the productive processes undergo the Total Quality Management System in order to assure,  with priority, the satisfaction of all those Companies that choose us as their Supplier Partner.

Quality of

Ethics, transparency and the real contribution to the business success of our Customers are the essential values for us.

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We project and produce the best custom self adhesive substrates, adhesivizing, laminating together and reinforcing various types of paper, vinyl and metal materials in order to obtain products with unique features.


Flexibility is one of our most valuable assets: production volumes (short and long run), interchangeable technologies (cost optimization), development of integrated solutions with added value.


Interchangeable printing technologies: Digital, Ink-Jet, Offset, Flexographic, Typographic, Letterset, Waterless, Rotoffset, Screen Printing, Hot Stamping. We manage the variable data for one to one marketing.


Company Introduction

Contact us for Coating, Self-adhesive and non-adhesive labels, Smart Labels, RFid Labels, Ticketing, Digital Printing, Paper for Electronic Machinery, Continuous Forms and much more...


Coating, Converting & Printing Company

Self-adhesive materials and vinyl laminates, labels, smart labels, digital printing, consumables electronic machines … and much more

Establishing a partnership with us means receiving a skilled experienced and market driven partner. We are focused on solutions with added value …

Flexibility is one of our most valuable assets, we develop integrated solutions, including some products which are difficult to find on the market …

A creative and deeply experienced printing and new technology company, whose technical productive processes cover the engineering and the production phases of…

We are focused on making an alliance with our Customers. We offer ourselves as an ideal partner for companies that search for their Problem Solver …

Ethics, transparency, and the real contribution to the business success of our Customers are extremely important values for us. Our commitment is focused on …



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