Digital Printing


The current must-have? Customisation and short runs.

And we answer the call! Even producing just one article!

Digital printing solutions which are durable, reliable, productive with competitive costs and superior quality: books, catalogues, manuals, brochures, flyers, postcards, leaflets, placards, photographs and paintings, newsletters, business documents, sales publications, scratch-off games, labels and any other printed product that comes to mind!

PASQUI Digital Printing, a new company ready to revolutionise what’s real

Pasqui Digital Printing nasce con l’obbiettivo di offrirti soluzioni di stampa mai viste, di qualità superiore. Ma non solo.

PASQUI Digital Printing came into being with the aim of offering never-before-seen printing solutions of the highest quality. And there’s more.

PASQUI Digital Printing is, above all, synonymous with dynamism, imagination and the ability to look to the future. That’s why we put enthusiasm and creative power into our work, also asking our customers to use their imagination.

Everything that goes through your head, also goes through digital

PASQUI Digital Printing is able to meet all production requirements quickly, safely and reliably.

Photographs and paintings, brochures, flyers, postcards, books, catalogues, manuals, headed paper, newsletters, business documents and sales publications are just some of the products that can be created and produced.

Moreover, PASQUI Digital Printing manages the variable data, offering a personalized service for marketing campaigns with text, pictures, and exclusive graphics, customized catalogues for different distributors and product ranges.

Colour + customization = a response rate five times greater.

The results are: faster feedback, increased sales and the power to create better loyalty-based relationships with your customers.


A great machine for big jobs.

A good job is when the printed colours are true to the original. The colours may be perfect and even the resolution may leave you breathless. In this case, there is no doubt. The work was performed using Xerox DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press, based on SmartPress™ digital technology, connects directly to your networks, your customers and the Internet, optimising your time: from remote job-sending to printing drafts and the final run.

Furthermore, thanks to SmartPress™ technology which regulates the ink and image processing on each sheet, it can use multiple media in a single session: the variants for the same print are endless. The EFI Color Profile™ device delivers the final print with colours which correspond perfectly to those of the working image on the video screen, through linearisation.

With an advance range of four-colour process colours, a resolution of 600×600 dpi at 8 bits per spot and faster production times compared to offset printing with 6000 A4 impressions per hour, what more do you need? Feedback is faster and more consistent and sales increase.

We’re happy, you’re satisfied, your customers are enthusiastic.

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