Print Labels for the Shoes Industry

Pasqui means professionalism and high technological research, even for the shoes industry

We print labels with characteristics ideal for the different applications in productive environments like the shoes industry, both in reels and sheets.

We provide consultation on the correct design of labels for the shoes industry. In Italy, in fact, shoes can be commercialized only if labeled following the current regulations.

Presence of a label at least on one of the shoes

  • The label should contain information on each material that composes every part of the shoe (upper shoe, coating of the upper and internal sole, external sole) for at least 80%
  • If none of the materials reaches 80%, it should contain information on the two main components.
  • The label can contain symbols or information written in Italian on the used materials and the related parts of the shoe they refer to.
  • The label can be printed, glued, embossed or applied on an attached support
  • The label should be visible, firmly applied and accessible to the consumer.
  • The dimension of symbols should be sufficiently big and allow comprehension of what is written on the label.
  • The labels should not mislead the consumer.
  • Other supplementary information can be present, in one of the official languages of the EU.

Labeling of the sole

  • The sole manufactured can specify the Italian origin of the product by placing the caption “sole made in Italy” exclusively on the internal part of the sole.
  • The caption should be in Italian language.
  • Other official languages of the EU can be added.



We have every printing technology for every purpose: Digital, Inkjet, Offset, Flexographic, Typographic, Waterless, Roto-Offset, Screen Printing, In-line and Off-Machine Hot Stamping.

To ensure durable and readable labels, we offer post-printing: UV varnishing, plasticization, relief printing, embossing.

To track products of the shoes industry, we also print labels with an integrated RFid system: this technology is constantly developing, and all the efforts are made to achieve flexible and inexpensive solutions.

In every label we can print variable data, progressive codes or alphanumerical variables, barcodes, QR-codes, RFid or variable elements in form, subject or color.


Eco-friendly labels

Our labels for the shoes industry respect the environment: we have acquired the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, one as a sign of process and work quality, and the other as a sign of environmental management system.

We have also acquired the FSC (Forrest Stewardship Council) certification for our commitment to the Environment, as we use raw materials from manufacturers that follow reforestation policies.

The production system of our company also uses energy that comes from renewable sources only.


Request an online estimate for labels

By filling out the form, you will receive in short time a personalized estimate for your labels. Please fill out every field. If you have doubts or requests, you can ask them in the “note” field. In any case, if necessary, we will contact you for clarifications.

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