Continuous Forms with integrated self-adhesive labels – SESAM


Self-adhesive labels embedded in the module – Sesam

There is tremendous demand for forms with incorporated selfadhesives, but demand is stifled by high production costs associated with the complexity of the processing technology. We offer a selfpackaged, self-adhesive label, integrated into the form.

The most obvious benefits are:

• Labels of the same material as the form, as we put an adhesive coating on the form and protect it with silicone paper
• Compatibility with impact and non-impact printing systems
• Accurate record
• Finished product at low cost
• No waste because the silicone paper is in the format of the adhesivecoated area
• The silicone paper can be pressure sensitive (carbonless)

Some examples of using “Sesam”:

• The parcel label integrated into the delivery note
• The integrated countermark
• The label incorporated into the form on which laboratory analysis results are to be completed, to apply to the containers of the samples analysed
• The advertising label incorporated into mailing


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