“Politerm” Transfer Paper

“Politerm” paper is suitable for transferring colours, drawings and photographs onto various kinds of fabric (nonwoven, cotton, elastic cotton, microfibre etc.), leather, synthetic leather and wood, guaranteeing maximum stability and resistance to washing and friction.

“Politerm” paper can be produced with printable, transparent or white film.

The kind with transparent film must be printed in a mirror-like manner and the same film, once applied, acts as a guard. The kind with white film must be printed straight.

The printed film must then be separated from the medium to be applied to the material to be decorated.

Printing processes which can be used:

  • Toner Laser and Inkjet (Ecosolvent)
  • Ink Plotter (Ecosolvent)
  • Fast-Drying Offset (UV)

Manual Presses


Pneumatic Presses


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